We regret to announce the closing of the Finistar public funds program as of April 30, 2018 – for details click here.

The System will remain open to allow our depositors to print out statements and reports as needed.

Finistar, an ANOVA® Financial Corporation product, provides unique secure cash management solutions with liquidity and competitive rates for cash deposits over $250,000. All FinistarFunds are 100% FDIC insured.

Providing A Smart Alternative

The Finistar solution works by bridging the gap between community banks and large North Carolina local Government depositors in an efficient manner while meeting the needs of both parties:

· FinistarFunds Insured Cash Management Solutions on Deposits – North Carolina Local Government depositors with large amounts of cash have ready access to FDIC-insured, daily liquid, high-yield accounts as an alternative to short-term investments - Current Depositor Rates.

· FinistarCore - Wholesale Deposits - A funding solution for community banks that provides a new source of wholesale deposits without typical collateral requirements or burdensome credit limits - Current Rates.

Standard & Poor's Fund Rating Committee reviewed Finistar and found it to be consistent with S&P's Principal Stability Fund Rating Criteria (also called Money Market Fund Ratings Criteria).

Cash Management Solutions - Secure Cash Management Solutions - Insured Cash Management Solutions


Flexible funding solutions: Tailor-made for the way you do business.

· State & Local Governments
· Cash & Investment Managers
· Discerning large depositors
Exceeding your security, liquidity and yield requirements.

Treasury Services
Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Yield.

"We have been using Finistar for approximately two years and have been extremely pleased with the competitive rates and the funds being liquid. With the large capital projects that we have been working on, it has been most helpful to get the good rates and still be able to get funds as needed without suffering any penalty for early withdrawals."

Jim Carter, Town Manager
Town of Topsail Beach